Ann’s Orchard

Location: UK
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Emma Pavier started her professional life as a molecular biologist with a PhD in potatoes. “However, making has been a lifelong love, be it; sewing, knitting, crochet or painting, I am simply drawn to colours textures and shapes, they just make my heart sing. Designing gives me the opportunity to indulge this passion and quite honestly is the perfect excuse for my ever-expanding stash of the most beautiful fabrics, threads, yarns, buttons and beads!

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Ann's Orchard - Final Twist
Ann’s Orchard – Final Twist
Ann's Orchard - True Love
Ann’s Orchard – True Love from Issue 7: Love
Ann's Orchard - Beatnik Drums
Ann’s Orchard – Beatnik Drums from Issue 2: Beats
Ann's Orchard - Big Tomato
Ann’s Orchard – Big Tomato from Issue 8: The Munchies
Ann's Orchard - Green Sampler
Ann’s Orchard – Green Sampler from Issue 4: Green