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Claire Laurie is the hands and heart behind BaaMeow. She harnesses her left-brained daydreams with right-brained precision and presents them in the form of cross stitch charts. she believes that needlecrafts can have huge benefits for mental health and self-esteem and wants to share the joy of floss and needle with as many people as possible. is just the beginning of this dream.

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BaaMeow - Stardust
BaaMeow – Stardust from Issue 3: Space
BaaMeow - Ambiguity
BaaMeow – Ambiguity from Issue 6: Mixtape Vol. 1
BaaMeow - Orient
BaaMeow – Orient from Issue 9: Orient
Bast by BaaMeow from Issue 12: Noir
BaaMeow – Bast from Issue 12: Noir
BaaMeow - WonderWalls
BaaMeow – Wonder Walls from Issue 15: The 70s