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Hannah Sturrock started Bobo Stitch in 2012 after a particularly exasperating search for a cross stitch baby gift kit that didn’t involve Care Bears or cats. Hannah loves to tinker around with glow in the dark thread, metallics, soluble canvas and modern design so that Bobo Stitch kits offer the comfort of a traditional craft with a contemporary twist.

More inspiration can be found in her book Modern Cross Stitch published by Cico.

Click on the image below to buy the magazine with that design!

Bobo Stitch - Be The Change
Bobo Stitch – Be The Change from Issue 1: Revolution
Bobo Stitch - Reach For The Stars
Bobo Stitch – Reach For The Stars from Issue 3: Space
Bobo Stitch - Vibrations
Bobo Stitch – Vibrations from Issue 11: Namaste