Meet Our Cross Stitch Designers!

At XStitch we are honoured to work with the best cross stitch designers on the planet, from renowned names in the industry, to rising stars and brand new designers who are just emerging.

We continue to seek out new designers from different countries, to bring you an eclectic mix of styles and tastes, because you never know what you’ll love to stitch next!

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Maria Diaz - Crewel Tattoo
Maria Diaz
Peacock & Fig - Get Bent
Peacock & Fig
Climbing Goat Designs - Dream Big
Climbing Goat Designs
Lord Libidan - Mixtapes
Lord Libidan
Marina Bolmini - That's All They Really Want
Marina Bolmini
Mathysphere - Breathe
Sweet Annet - Pugasaurus from Issue 16: Cute!
Sweet Annet
FiddlesticksAU - Wild & Free
Niki McDonald - My Garden, My Rules
Niki McDonald
Tom Katsumi - Life On Mars CMYK
Tom Katsumi
Kate Spiridonova - Friyay!
Kate Spiridonova
Lucie Heaton - David Bowie
Lucie Heaton
PXLCRS - Aventador - from the Fortune Issue
Tiny Modernist - Rest Like A Tree
Tiny Modernist
Leah Emery - A Cat Is A Cat
Leah Emery
Stitchsperation - Punch Today In The Face
Ellen Schinderman - Hello Dolly
Ellen Schinderman
Karen Seelig - Circle Your World
Karen Seelig
Melarise - Limit To Your Love
PyroDogPins - Hard Boiled
SmartCrossStitch - Being Koi
Ringcat - Toucan of Affection
Stitchfinity - Chakras
Ann's Orchard - Final Twist
Ann’s Orchard
BaaMeow - Ambiguity
Floss & Mischief - This Thing With Floors
Floss & Mischief
PixlStitch - Hot Dog
Ardith Design - Butterfly Boy from Issue 14
Ardith Design
Bobo Stitch - Be The Change
Bobo Stitch
Cinnabar Canary - Indian Summer
Cinnabar Canary
Jenny Henry - Boombox
Jenny Henry Designs
Kate Blandford - Be Excellent To Each Other
Kate Blandford
Keith Clark - Rap Map
Keith Clark
The Hawthorn Tree - Celtic Spirals
The Hawthorn Tree
The Makers Marks - Zoltan Speaks
The Makers’ Marks
Emily Peacock - Love Is The Drug
Emily Peacock
Jacquelyn Royal - Behold Klaatu
Jacquelyn Royal
LittleStitchTX - Big Inky Bastard
MiloMiniByXenia - Running In The Family
Otterly In XStitches - Super, Girl
Otterly In XStitches
Romy's Creations - Groovy Baby
Romy’s Creations
Apple Tree Cross Stitch - Popcorn
Apple Tree Cross Stitch
Christabel Seneque - Astrolabe
Christabel Seneque
DemonMonkeyCrafts - Biskullnu
Doodlecraft Design - Can You Master Mancala
Doodlecraft Design
Everbee Designs - Yoohoo! from Issue 16: Cute!
Everbee Designs
Fairy Wool In The Wood - Let's Jam
Fairy Wool In The Wood
Flanders Tapestry Collection - Clover
Flanders Tapestry Collection
Fuzzy Fox Designs - Yurlunggur
Fuzzy Fox Designs
Hannah Bass - X
Hannah Bass
POMPOM Design - Pink Wedge
The Manly Art of Cross Stitch - Blown Away
The Manly Art of Cross Stitch
Flanders Tapestry Collection - Clover
Flanders Tapestry Collection
The Witchy Stitcher - The Greatest Love Of All
The Witchy Stitcher
Tina Francis - Beat Box
Tina Francis Tapestry
Todo Asano - Ellie
Todo Asano
SewModStitches - Adventure Awaits
Army of Trolls - Space Invaders Cabinet
Army of Trolls
Aubrey Longley Cook - Ginsberg
Aubrey Longley Cook
Cherry Parker Designs - Calming Stones from Issue 14
Cherry Parker Designs
Durene Jones - Cuteplosion Warning! from Issue 16: Cute!
Durene Jones
Emma Congdon - Say Aloe
Emma Congdon
Faby Reilly Designs - Stitching is the Answer from Issue 14
Faby Reilly Designs
Jane Greenoff - Circles & Patterns
Jane Greenoff
Stitchingland - Emerald City
Works by ABC - Eqyptian Mixtape
Works by ABC
Zoe Gilbertson - Abstract Equaliser
Zoe Gilbertson

If you are a cross stitch designer and would like to submit your work for consideration, please complete the form below.