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7 Reasons Why We Should Be Your Favourite Cross Stitch Magazine

If you are a cross stitch fan and you’ve not tried XStitch before we think you’ll love it. Here are seven reasons that we think we’re pretty special!

1. Themed Designs From Across The Stitchy Spectrum

Peacock & Fig - No Words Needed - Issue 10
Stitchsperation - Punch Today - Issue 5
Emily Peacock - Love Is The Drug - Issue 7

Our unique approach to cross stitch curation involves inviting our international cohort of cross stitch designers to respond to the themes we set for each issue! While you might think that we are only interested in edgy designers who deliver shock value, the coolest thing about XStitch is the diversity of design that we can share with you.

2. Giving Familiar Faces Freedom To Fly

Maria Diaz - Crewel Tattoo - Issue 1
Floss & Mischief - Thing With Floors - Issue 2
Lucie Heaton - John Cooper Clarke - Issue 5

There are so many talented designers in the industry and if you’ve read any other cross stitch magazine, you’ll recognise their names. Our themed approach gives these guys an opportunity to stretch their creativity even further and we know that they love the chance to design something different!

3. Exhibited Cross Stitch Artists Are Hanging With Us

Niki McDonald - My Garden, My Rules - Issue 10
Ellen Schinderman - Caliburger - Issue 8
Jacquelyn Royal - It's Not Easy - Issue 4

While we love working with renowned names from the cross stitch world, we are honoured to have designs from exhibited artists who use cross stitch as their medium. From LA-based Ellen Schinderman, to Italian sensation Marina Bolmini, to the lascivious Leah Emery, we’ve got some hot talent in the mix!

4. A Launch Pad For New Talent

Tom Katsumi - RGBombshell - Issue 10
PixlStitch - Hot Dog - Issue 6
Mathysphere - Silver Needle - Issue 3

We love discovering new designers on social media and because we’re a grassroots enterprise, it’s nice and easy for us to give them a chance to feature in their first cross stitch magazine. Designers like Mathysphere, PixlStitch and Melarise have had their first “published” patterns with us, and we’re always looking for new people to join our family!

5. An International Ensemble In Every Issue

SmartCrossStitch - Being Koi - Issue 9
Melarise - Limit To Your Love - Issue 7
FiddlesticksAU - Wild & Free - Issue 4

Cross stitch is enjoyed all over the world and it seems that cross stitch designing is no different! We’ve featured brand new designs from forty eight designers from twelve countries and four continents, and all in ten issues! We love being part of a global craft that is a part of so many cultures and we will continue in seeking out new talent in new countries!

6. We’ve Got Brains As Well As Great Looks!

Zoe Gilbertson - Abstract Equaliser - Issue 2
Jenny Henry - Boombox - Issue 2
Kate Blandford - You Give Love - Issue 7

We want to get you thinking as well as stitching so we have plenty of great things for you to read. Whether it’s artist profiles on people who elevate cross stitch beyond its craft roots, or interviews with people on the periphery of the world of stitch, we try to keep things interesting. Our regular columnists share their wit and wisdom and if we find a good cross stitch book we’ll review it as well – it’s a cross stitch magazine you’ll really enjoy reading!

7. We Are Digitally Delicious!

Mr X Stitch - Emoji Pizza - Issue 8
Leah Emery - Shell of Perfection - Issue 9
Lord Libidan - Mixtapes - Issue 6

Our interactive PDF format makes it easy for you to enjoy the magazine on your favourite digital device. You can print copies of our charts as you see fit, or just use your device to zoom in on the charts as you’re working, and each issue is packed with clickable links so you can connect even further with the people featured in the mag! And, check this out, each issue has a collaborative YouTube playlist chosen by the designers, so you can stitch along with the tunes they’ve selected for you.

So there you have it!

XStitch is committed to promoting the best in new cross stitch thinking and we hope you’ll make us your cross stitch magazine of choice!

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