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Are you tired of flipping through cross stitch magazines and feeling disappointed by the lack of variety?

It’s time to break free from the same old cute and outdated patterns that don’t truly reflect your personality. As a modern cross stitcher, you deserve better than mediocrity.

Hi! I’m Jamie, aka Mr X Stitch, the founder of XStitch.

When I started cross-stitching at the age of 30, I struggled to find designs that spoke to my personal style. It wasn’t until I discovered cross-stitch software that I realized the craft could be dynamic and exciting. In fact, it was so inspiring that I began creating my own designs and started a needlework blog, which I called Mr X Stitch, in 2008.

Since then, I’ve written two needlework books, appeared on national TV and radio, and hosted hundreds of cross-stitch workshops, introducing thousands of people to this wonderful craft.
For a few years I had a regular column in CrossStitcher Magazine, championing a forward thinking attitude towards the craft I love.

As I delved deeper into the cross-stitching world, I couldn’t help but notice a disconnect between the vibrant creativity of online designers and pixel artists, and the more traditional cross-stitch magazines. While those publications provided easy access to a range of patterns, I saw a way to bridge the gap and bring more imagination to the craft.

Jamie Mr X Stitch Chalmers

In the vast and diverse cross-stitch design community, there’s a wealth of talented designers creating funny, edgy, and modern patterns that are perfect for home décor or gifts. However, finding a good mix of designs and discovering new talent can be a challenge.

Creating handmade pieces that truly reflect your personality and style is one of the most rewarding experiences in cross-stitching. The meditative process of stitching, combined with the satisfaction of making something beautiful, funny, or stylish, is almost addictive.

The beauty of cross-stitch design is that it’s not limited to the same old patterns. From pop culture to politics, heartfelt messages to wicked humour, designers are creating patterns that reflect all aspects of modern life.

No matter your attitude or interests, there are cross-stitch designs out there for you to explore and enjoy.

I decided to create a cross stitch magazine that reflects the diverse designs of the wider market, while challenging designers to push their creativity in new ways. A magazine that respects readers’ intelligence and maintains the ethos that cross stitch is one of the best crafts on the planet.

Welcome to the XStitch Revolution.

A modern cross stitch magazine
for the forward thinking crafter.

XStitch is more than a cross stitch magazine, it’s an experience.

We curate a collection of brand new patterns from talented cross stitch and pixel art designers, in a range of styles and difficulty levels to suit all skill levels. Each issue also includes interesting articles, product reviews, interviews, and interactive features like designer connections, collaborative playlists, and easy material purchasing.

Upgrade your cross-stitch game with the
XStitch Magazine Annual Subscription.

Get a new issue every quarter,
plus two picks from our back issue archive.

You will also get our three Special Edition issues:

2020 Visions | Reflex | Duodecad

(These Special Editions contain 12 original patterns from some of our favourite designers. That’s a saving of £39 for you right there!)

Instead of spending time searching for new designers and matching them to your desired themes, or learning to make your own patterns, why not check out our back issue catalogue to find themes and patterns that match your tastes and needs?

It’s a convenient and exciting way to discover designs you’ll love without the hassle.

With a new theme added every three months, there’s always a fresh selection of ideas to explore.

And if you’re one of those throw “caution to the wind” types, our Mixtape issues have no specific theme, just great designs that you’ll love to show off!

XStitch Magazine Issue 6 - Mixtape Volume 1
XStitch Magazine Issue 10 - Mixtape Vol. 2
XStitch Magazine Issue 14 - Mixtape Vol. 3

With such a fantastic selection of themes and designs to choose from, you will never run out of new things to stitch. And once your friends and family see the amazing hand made masterpieces you’re displaying at home, they’ll be asking you to make new things for them.

Tom Katsumi - RGBombshell
PXLCars - Aventador
Una Buena Pieza - Enchanted Forest IV

XStitch is an interactive, digital magazine, so you can access it immediately from anywhere. Whether you prefer to stitch at home or on the go, you can easily use (and even print out) the charts you need for your project.

Once you’ve created an account and bought your subscription, you’ll see your issues in your downloads area. You can download them onto your device with ease and you’ll be stitching in no time.

Each quarter, we will release a new issue and you’ll find that in your account straight away! At the start of the other two months in that quarter, you’ll also receive an email from us that will help you choose from our epic back catalogue!

Peacock & Fig - Feel The Groove
PyroDogPins - Hard Boiled
Stitchsperation - Let's Get Lost

Give yourself twelve months of exciting Xstitching

that you will be proud to share

for only £120

If you try the subscription and find that there’s nothing you want to stitch, you can take advantage of our 90 day “stitching satisfaction” guarantee.

We want you to get stitching and if we can’t make that happen for you, we’ll give you your money back!

Here’s what our readers say about XStitch:

“I love that it’s more modern patterns and designs. Nothing wrong with geese and teddy bears, but that’s why I stopped cross stitching for years.”

”The only cross stitch mag where I actually read the articles! Always interesting!”

“I love the over-all vibe! Very positive, eclectic, and welcoming.”

“Fresh new ideas I don’t see anywhere else!”

“You show the way the craft is going. You speak to those of us on the ground. So many of the mainstream mags are geared towards the pearl clutching set instead of trying to gain this younger market. You see us!”

“I enjoy the variety of contributors and the diversity of their artistic styles and approaches to the medium”

“I love the edge you apply to a somewhat romantic art form.”

Here’s what our readers do with XStitch:

Nerd With Threads' Dr Pringles
Sophie Boulton's Fight The Power
samvcole - best friends for now

Choosing XStitch means you’re choosing
the best of the best in cross stitch design.

No more tired, old patterns that have been
circulating for years.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best,
subscribe to XStitch today
and start stitching your way to a new level of creativity!

Quick shout-out to our advertisers, who we have picked because we think you’ll appreciate them.

Hit the links to get their products:

Zweigart – the OG of Cross Stitch Fabric Makers (they literally invented aida!).

Lowery Workstands – the only stand you’ll ever need to hold your work.

Fabric Flair – the Kings of Custom Cross Stitch Fabric.

Maydel – one of the easiest places to get your threads!

And don’t forget to visit MrXStitch for the best in modern needlework,
and listen to NeedleXChange, your new favourite art podcast!

You will get immediate access to the latest issue of XStitch and you’ll get an email that will help you choose two additional issues from our back issue collection.
Every quarter, a new issue of the magazine will be released and added to your account. At that time you will also be able to add two more back issues to your account.
This quarterly new issue/back issue combination will continue for the duration of your subscription.

  • Your account will have a download section, so please make sure to set up an account.
    The back issues you choose will remain in your account for the duration of your subscription.

XStitch is an interactive PDF magazine which can be read using most devices. It contains clickable links to our designers, some of which are affiliate links, as well as links to our collaborative YouTube playlist and other helpful content.

We offer a 90 day money back guarantee. If you want to change your subscription after 90 days, you can contact us and we’ll work something out for you.

If you need answers to other questions, please visit our FAQ page.

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