Frequently Asked Questions

Tom Katsumi - Mystery Wall

Hopefully your XStitch experience is plain sailing, but if not, here are answers to the more common questions!

If you have any immediate concerns, you can use the contact form and we’ll be happy to help!

Where are my issues?

You should get email confirmation of your order and the download links will be in that email. If you create an account with us, then you’ll be able to access the files there as well. If you signed up as a Guest, we understand, it’s cool. You can contact us and we’ll work it out for you.

My subscription is missing issues!

Our subscriptions only hold onto the four most recent issues, and each time a new issue comes out, while we’re in the middle of our celebratory dance, the oldest of the four issues evaporates. But it’s not a problem to reinstate your issues if needs be – just get in touch!
And don’t forget to share your finishes with me so I can put them in a future issue of the mag!

Can I buy a subscription for someone else!

Yes you can, and that’s a marvellous idea. At the checkout, simply choose “This Is A Gift For Someone Else” and you can enter their details!

There is something missing in the magazine!

I know, awkward. Every now and again, there are elements missing from the magazine, like a legend or a link. If you discover one, ping us a message and we’ll get you an amended version!

Why is the magazine digital?

We love print magazines, and you can get our first five issues in print (while stocks last!)

But the digital format gives us the ability to include links to your favourite designers, as well as the freedom to include charts in two formats. It also means you can get immediate access to it via download. Check out all the interactive stuff you can do below!

We are exploring print-to-order options for those of you that prefer the analog lifestyle – which we totally dig!

Interactive Explanation
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Designer Questions!

How can I get my designs in the magazine?

If you’re a cross stitch designer we’d love to hear from you. Email us with some examples of your designs and let’s see how we can work together?

If I have a design included in the magazine, would I lose the rights to sell it elsewhere?

We use a Freelance Agreement which spells out how we would work together. The TL:DR is that all the designs are your Intellectual Property, and we licence them for use in the mag, and for a bit of promo, but we won’t make t-shirts out of them. We also ask for a month of exclusivity before you can sell it yourself.
You’re liable for any copyright infringement type stuff (we work with you to avoid such outcomes) but because the design is yours, you’d be free to sell it, stitch it, or share it however you wanted.

One thing that we’ll do is make sure to link to your online stores and social media spaces so that people can connect with you and buy from you as well.

Hopefully that’s the most pragmatic approach as it allows us to share your creativity without hampering your enterprise.