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Ange is the stitcher responsible for the colourful and quirky cross stitch designs by FiddlesticksAU.

An 80s childhood and obsessive fangirl tendencies provide most of the inspiration behind her work. Pop culture references abound!

She lives in Melbourne, Australia with a menagerie of animals (including a toddler and husband).

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FiddlesticksAU - Music Love
Music Love from Issue 2: Beats
FiddlesticksAU - Suck It
Suck It from Issue 8: The Munchies
FiddlesticksAU - A Most Important Lesson
FiddlesticksAU – A Most Important Lesson from Issue 17: Adventure
FiddlesticksAU - Wild & Free
Wild & Free from Issue 4: Green
Fiddlesticks AU - The End
The End from Issue 12: Noir
FiddlesticksAU - Small Progress
FiddlesticksAU – Small Progress from Issue 19: Yay!
FiddlesticksAU - A Truth Universally Acknowledged
A Truth Universally Acknowledged from Issue 7: Love
FiddlesticksAU - That 70s Cross Stitch
That 70s Cross Stitch from Issue 15: The 70s