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Genevieve Brading is the stitcher behind needlework brand Floss And Mischief and the author of cross-stitch book “I Got 99 Problems, But A Stitch Ain’t One”. She first launched her cross-stitch designs because of an argument about taxidermy (long story!) and today she keeps putting a modern twist on needlework. Shop her craft kits and patterns at flossandmischief.com

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Floss & Mischief - Mindfulness Mandala
Floss & Mischief – Mindfulness Mandala from Issue 1: Revolution
Floss & Mischief - This Thing With Floors
Floss & Mischief – I Have This Thing With Floors from Issue 2: Beats
Floss & Mischief - Do Good
Floss & Mischief – Do Good from Issue 3: Space
Floss & Mischief - Parakeet
Floss & Mischief – Parakeet from Issue 6: Mixtape Vol. 1
Floss & Mischief - Obey My Cat
Floss & Mischief – Obey My Cat from Issue 12: Noir