Issue 18 of XStitch is Volume 4 in our Mixtape series with 17 original modern cross stitch patterns from our international family of designers!

Are you the sort of stitcher who likes to try something new? You know how you don’t know you’re going to like something until you see it? Welcome to Mixtape Vol. 4 – another legendary collection of modern designs from around the world!

Let’s see what’s on the playlist this time!

Army of Trolls - Space Invaders Cabinet

We welcome Army of Trolls to the XStitch family with this epic arcade game cabinet! It is a big pattern at over 30000 stitches, but it will take any games room to the next level!

Climbing Goat Designs - Penguin Posse

Climbing Goat Designs applies her painterly style to this cool gang of penguins – I think they’re penguins and not nuns!

If you like this style, check out her Going for Gold design in Mixtape Vol. 3!

Marina Bolmini - Anarchy Calling

If you are into punk, then this mashup by Marina Bolmini is the perfect choice – two iconic designs combined to make something truly epic!

Never mind the b*ll*cks, this is XStitch!

Kate Spiridonova - Love & Let Die

Everyone knows that if you want to add street cred to your wheels, a pair of pink dice hanging from the mirror is a sure sign that you’re driving a mean machine!

Why not level up your car by stitching Kate Spiridonova‘s pattern on plastic canvas?

PXLCRS - Vespa

And speaking of magnificent motors, this vibrant Vespa by PXLCRs is a quick design that is a perfect pattern for those summer days!

Picture yourself stitching, with an espresso by your side, as the world passes you by – perfetto!

Cinnabar Canary - Indian Summer

We are thrilled to have Cinnabar Canary join the XStitch family and her first contribution is a wonderful design filled with summer vibes!

With a mid century vibe and a vibrant colour palette, you’ll love this design’s stylish summery symmetry!

Karen Seelig - Faces of Hope

Karen Seelig always adds puzzles to her patterns and her offering for the Mixtape is no different!

How many Faces of Hope can you find?

Fuzzy Fox Designs - Yurlunggur

Fuzzy Fox Designs is another new member of the XStitch family this issue and her design gives you many stitch types to try – a really nice way to level up your skills!

DemonMonkeyCraft embraces the darker side of stitch with her Biskullnu – get rid of all your stabby impulses in a creative way with this design!

LittleStitchTX - Big Inky Bastard

If you’re nautically inclined, then this big inky beast from LittleStitchTX might be the perfect fit for your galley!

Lord Libidan - Kitsune Ink Print

Lord Libidan is back with this Kitsune design that is an ideal accessory to your Japanese aesthetic!

MiloMiniByXenia - Running In The Family

Did you learn your skills from a member of your family? MiniMilobyXenia reminds us that a love for craft is often more than just a fad – it’s in our very essence!

Tapestry Girl - Love Song

Our cover star for this issue is Niki “Tapestry Girl” McDonald whose Love Song design is a perfect piece of modern wall art waiting for you to make it!

Stitchsperation - Don't Hate The Player

Oh yes, Stitchsperation is back! Put this design in the same room as Army of Trolls and you’re in video game heaven!

(Or at least it’s a nice pastime while your significant other is busy blasting bad guys!)

Sweet Annet - Typewriter

If you prefer life a little more analog, then you’ll appreciate what a typewriter can do for you – no quick fixes with this, but a slow, steady opportunity to create! What does that remind me of?

Sweet Annet‘s design can be re-coloured to suit your writing den, as a reminder of the tool that was used to create some of the greatest literature of the 20th century!

Peacock & Fig - Get Bent

Ever wanted to tell people what to do but in a lovely, floral kind of way? Peacock & Fig to the rescue!

You can put this subtle message in any setting and enjoy the double takes as people actually realise what it’s saying!

That’s a pretty exciting mix for you, and it’s a thrill to have four new designers in this issue!

But we’re not just about the pictures, we’ve got good reading as well! Designer Karen Seelig invites you to Think Outside The Hoop with your stitching, and we take a look at the r/CrossStitch forum on Reddit, a truly thriving community for stitchers! We’ve got a review of the new Super Subversive Cross Stitch book as well as our regular features – XStitcher of the Month, Let Lucie Let Loose and XStitchers of Instagram!

This issue has charts in two formats – Colour Blocks & Symbols and Symbols only – to make it easier for you to follow them, and because it’s an interactive PDF you can click between sections in the mag, and click on links to the designers and to our collaborative YouTube playlist!

If you’re looking for something different to cross stitch, or you just don’t know what you like, our Mixtapes are perfect for you – there really is something for everyone!

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