Keith Clark

Location: UK
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Keith Clark began cross-stitching a little over three years ago, and quickly found his niche creating realistic portraits of rappers and DJ’s. When not stitching hip-hop superstars, he’s been known to branch out into actors, comedians, Gantt charts (they’re like bar graphs depicting time) and even a life-like and wearable pro-wrestling belt. He’s currently exploring a mixed-media approach to cross-stitch, incorporating denim jackets, wooden panels, moleskin notebooks and his own business cards.

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Keith Clark - Gil Scott Heron
Keith Clark – Gil Scott Heron from Issue 1: Revolution
Keith Clark - Atoman
Keith Clark – Atoman from Issue 5: Heroes & Villains
Keith Clark - Rap Map
Keith Clark – Rap Map from Issue 2: Beats
Keith Clark - Laika
Keith Clark – Laika from Issue 3: Space