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Lucie loves designing cross stitch patterns, she has a career which spans over two decades and creates beautiful designs for magazines, books, kits and workshops. For more information visit or follow her @lucieheaton on Instagram and Facebook.

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Lucie Heaton - David Bowie
David Bowie from Issue 2: Beats
Lucie Heaton - Sleepy Guy
Lucie Heaton – Sleepy Guy
Lucie Heaton - What You Focus On
What You Focus On from Issue 11: Namaste
Lucie Heaton - Moon Phases
Moon Phases from Issue 3: Space
Lucie Heaton - The Donut With A Warhole
The Donut With A Warhole from Issue 8: The Munchies
Lucie Heaton - Space Hopper
Hop To It from Issue 15: The 70s
Lucie Heaton - John Cooper Clarke
John Cooper Clarke from Issue 5: Heroes & Villains
Lucie Heaton - Evil Eye
Evil Eye from Issue 10: Mixtape Vol. 2