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So obviously everybody here loves cross-stitch, but along with that Geri Ambrose also really loves math, bees, poetry, and the seminal classic video game Myst. She makes a lot of patterns about space, math, and nature, which she posts on Instagram and Tumblr (@mathysphere). If you know any really good poems please send her them.

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Mathysphere - Beats on the Bus
Mathysphere – Beats on the Bus from Issue 2: Beats
Mathysphere - Rainbow Saturn
Mathysphere – Rainbow Saturn from Issue 6: Mixtape Vol. 1
Mathysphere - Night Swimming
Mathysphere – Night Swimming from Issue 11: Namaste
Mathysphere - Silver Needle
Mathysphere – Silver Needle from Issue 3: Space
Mathysphere - Cup of Cocoa
Mathysphere – Cup of Cocoa from Issue 8: Munchies
Mathysphere - Numismatics
Mathysphere – Numismatics from Issue 13: Fortune
Mathysphere - Tiny Heroes
Mathysphere – Tiny Heroes from Issue 5: Heroes & Villains
Mathysphere - Breathe
Mathysphere – Breathe from Issue 9: Orient
Mathysphere - Nudibranch Nexus from Issue 16: Cute!
Mathysphere – Nudibranch Nexus from Issue 16: Cute!