XStitch 2020 Needleminder Front

XStitch Needleminder 2020

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If you’re a forward thinking cross stitcher, you will want to know where your needles are.

You don’t want them to end up in the arm of a chair, the paw of a pet or the bum of a loved one.

And you don’t want to spend an age searching for your needle in the “safe” place you thought of, before you realise it’s actually ended up in the arm/paw/bum that we discussed earlier!

Thank goodness for needleminders! These simple tools are the stitchers’ best friend. A two-part magnet, you can stick them onto your fabric while your stitching and simply pop the needle onto it when you need to stop stitching.

As you might expect from XStitch, our needleminder is much cooler than the average, and in this instance is SUPER LIMITED EDITION!

There are only 4 of these ‘minders available so get them while they are available!

The minder is 5cm high and 4cm wide, with a central magnet. It’s not small!

It comes on a piece of card that explains how to use it, but hey, you’re an intelligent person (who smells fantastic,  by the way!) and so we know you’ll work it out. 

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 4 × 5 cm