Niki McDonald

Location: Australia
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Urban faces, spaces and attitudes made permanent in wool. The sass of urban life balanced with the pace of needlepoint tapestry. Niki McDonald is inspired by the ephemeral and drawn to the mechanical nature of her textile arts practice. Within the repetition and toiling is a space that allows her to connect with her intuition and inspires her beyond the daily grind.

Niki is an Australian textile artist who lives, designs, creates and sews in beautiful Sydney. Wool is her my paint and she loves it because it’s clean, portable, fluid and primal.

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Niki McDonald - Tangerine Dream
Niki McDonald – Tangerine Dream from Issue 1: Revolution
Niki McDonald - Hanger Management
Niki McDonald – Hanger Management from Issue 8: Munchies
Niki McDonald - More Than Just A Mere Kat from Issue 16: Cute!
Niki McDonald – More Than Just A Mere Kat from Issue 16: Cute!
Niki McDonald - Urban Beats
Niki McDonald – Urban Beats from Issue 2: Beats
Niki McDonald - Steel Magnolias
Niki McDonald – Steel Magnolias from Issue 9: Orient
Tapestry Girl - Love Song
Niki McDonald – Love Song from Issue 18: Mixtape Vol. 4
Niki McDonald - Skipping Girl
Niki McDonald – Skipping Girl from Issue 7: Love
Niki McDonald - My Garden, My Rules
Niki McDonald – My Garden, My Rules from Issue 10: Mixtape Vol. 2
Niki McDonald - Mystery Lady
Niki McDonald – Mystery Lady from Issue 20: Mystery