Location: Sweden
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Therese Wallstedt of OtterlyInXStitches has been stitching since childhood, but took a short break of 20 or so years, before taking it up again 10 years ago. When she’s not stitching or drawing out patterns, she can usually be found rolling around in cats, drawing cute animals, drinking coffee, trying to reanimate plants, petting fabrics or obsessively watching TV shows.

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Otterly Designs - Pussy Grabs Back
OtterlyInXStitches – Pussy Grabs Back from Issue 1: Revolution
Otterly in XStitches - Go Green
OtterlyInXStitches – Go Green from Issue 4: Green
Otterly In XStitches - Super, Girl
OtterlyInXStitches – Super, Girl from Issue 5: Heroes & Villains