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Dana Batho is a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and turned back to design after a training accident ended her career as an intelligence officer. She has exhibited her art in Japan, New Zealand, and Canada, and turned her design skills to cross stitch as Peacock & Fig in 2015.

Cross stitch is incredibly therapeutic, which has aided in her transition to a new life. She loves helping others find the joy of this craft with dozens of tutorials on her website and YouTube channel. She adores combining cheeky phrases with vintage-inspired designs and loves featuring colour in her designs.

When she’s not dreaming up new patterns, she loves playing with her adorable and ridiculously sweet service dog Coco, and enjoying the beauty of Victoria, British Columbia.

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Peacock & Fig - Feel The Groove
Feel The Groove from Issue 2: Beats
Peacock & Fig - Be The Villain
Be The Villain from Issue 5: Heroes & Villains
Peacock & Fig - Lick My Frosting
Lick My Frosting from Issue 8: The Munchies
Peacock & Fig - Namaste Away From Me
Namaste Away From Me from Issue 11: Namaste
Peacock & Fig - Happy Holidays Deer
Happy Holidays Deer from Issue 14: Mixtape Vol. 3
Peacock & Fig - Adventure for Introverts
Peacock & Fig – Adventure for Introverts from Issue 17: Adventure
Peacock & Fig - Astrology
Astrology from Issue 3: Space
Peacock & Fig - Live Free
Live Free from Issue 6: Mixtape 001
Peacock & Fig - Memories of Japan
Memories of Japan from Issue 9: Orient
Peacock & Fig - The Face That Cares
The Face That Cares from Issue 12: Noir
Peacock & Fig - Thrills & Spills in Issue 15
Thrills & Spills from Issue 15: The 70s
Peacock & Fig - Get Bent
Peacock & Fig – Get Bent from Issue 18: Mixtape Vol. 4
Peacock and Fig - Orangutan Dreams
Orangutan Dreams from Issue 4: Green
Peacock & Fig - Paths To Love
Paths To Love from Issue 7: Love
Peacock & Fig - No Words Needed
No Words Needed from Issue 10: Mixtape Vol. 2
Peacock & Fig - Fortune Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
Peacock & Fig – Fortune Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
Peacock & Fig - Don't Call Me Cute from Issue 16: Cute!
Peacock & Fig – Don’t Call Me Cute from Issue 16: Cute!
Peacock & Fig - Shine On
Peacock & Fig – Shine On from Issue 19: Yay!