PixlStitch - Hot Dog


Location: New Zealand
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Johny Stoof is a student based in Wellington, New Zealand studying to become a primary school teacher. since 2016 he has run PixlStitch, a wee cross stitch pattern shop. he loves designing patterns and gets a lot of pleasure from knowing that people appreciate his designs enough to take the time and stitch them up.

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PixlStitch - Noise Damage
PixlStitch – Noise Damage from Issue 2: Beats
PixlStitch - Hot Dog
PixlStitch – Hot Dog from Issue 6: Mixtape Vol. 1
PixlStitch - Star Gaze
PixlStitch – Star Gaze from Issue 3: Space
PIxlStitch - Food Love
PixlStitch – Food Love from Issue 8: Munchies
PixlStitch - Bonsai
PixlStitch – Bonsai from Issue 4: Green