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Location: UK
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After studying painting at the Slade School of Fine Art, Helena Ben-Zenou has had a successful and award winning career as an artist, an academic, and has a long standing love of all things design, textiles, print, interiors and particularly needlepoint.

She founded Pompom Design in late 2011 after the realisation “that if I really want to stitch design-led contemporary needlepoint projects that are beautiful, highest quality, enjoyable to make, and look gorgeous on my sofa – there is a really good chance that there are lots of people who would love to do this too”. The company aims to bridge the space between design, craft and interiors, and Pompom draws inspiration and ethos from Modernism, the Slow Movement and respect for the value of the hand-crafted.

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POMPOM Design - Pink Wedge
PomPom Design – Pink Wedge from Issue 1: Revolution
POMPOM Design - Silk Road
PomPom Design – Silk Road from Issue 9: Orient