Issue 16 of XStitch Magazine is here and it’s our Cute issue!

This is the issue of XStitch that we never thought would happen when we launched with our Revolution issue. But XStitch is a magazine for everyone and we all deserve a bit of cute in our lives, so welcome to our collection of cute cross stitch creations!

Durene Jones - Cuteplosion Warning! from Issue 16: Cute!

We open this issue by welcoming cross stitch legend Durene Jones to the XStitch family and her Cuteplosion design turns the Squeeee up to eleven!

Unicorns, rainbows and love hearts – surely you know someone who needs this in their life!

Everbee Designs is our cover star with this adorable owl – an ideal gift for anyone with an ornithological interest!

Everbee Designs - Yoohoo! from Issue 16: Cute!
Peacock & Fig - Don't Call Me Cute from Issue 16: Cute!

Dana from Peacock & Fig gets us back into our sassy XStitch vibe with her design that will be as much fun to stitch as it will to display!

And then Leah Emery takes the concept of cute in a brilliantly left-field direction with her Dial-A-Snail design!

Leah Emery - Dial A Snail from Issue 16: Cute!
Ardith Designs - Gleesome Threesome from Issue 16: Cute!

Ardith Design is back with her cute take on the musicians of Bremen – only we’re calling them the Gleesome Threesome!

Ellen Schinderman hits the nostalgia vibe with her paper dolls – stitch the figures, stitch their clothes and then play away!

Ellen Schinderman - Baby Love from Issue 16: Cute!
Sweet Annet - Pugasaurus from Issue 16: Cute!

An immediate winner for most people is Sweet Annet‘s Pugasaurus – how can any dog owner (or dinosaur owner?!) resist this guy?

Equally, anyone with a sweet tooth is going to appreciate Little Stitch TX‘s Skupcake! You’ll need dental AND embroidery floss for this one!

Little Stitch TX - Skupcake from Issue 16: Cute!
Maria Diaz - Best Friends... For Now? from Issue 16: Cute!

Maria Diaz manages to weave a tale of love and betrayal into this single image of a girl and her best friend (for now!)

Cute is in the eye of the beholder, and Romy’s Creations pattern for this issue will appeal to horror fans as well as those with a romantic side!

Romy's Creations - Hello Cutie from Issue 16: Cute!
PXLCRS - Beetle Drive from Issue 16: Cute!

You wouldn’t necessarily expect PXLCRs to feature in this issue, but his automotive aesthetic skills got put to good use as he honours one of the cutest cars in history!

Marina Bolmini tips a hat to Willy Wonka and a bottle of Jack in your direction with her words of wisdom that should adorn any self-respecting home bar or pub!

Marina Bolmini - Cheers! from Issue 16: Cute!
Mathysphere - Nudibranch Nexus from Issue 16: Cute!

If you’re unaware of Nudibranchs, you are in for a treat. These super-cure submarine creatures are one of those “nature is astounding” examples.

Mathysphere celebrates their aquatic appeal with her delightful design!

Ringcat is back with another of her classic tiny play on words designs and, well, we think you’ll love it so matcha as well!

Ringcat - A Matcha Made In Heaven from Issue 16: Cute!
Niki McDonald - More Than Just A Mere Kat from Issue 16: Cute!

Tapestry Girl‘s street art style gets applied to this cheeky meerkat – a great way to give the animal kingdom a nod, or maybe more of a high-five!

And we finish off our issue with this cute trio of veggie puns by the one and only Tiny Modernist!

Quick, easy designs that you could stitch up over a weekend and give as a treat that you’ll want to eat!

Tiny Modernist - A Packet of Puns from Issue 16: Cute!

As you know, we’re a magazine with brains as well as beauty, so we’ve got a big bunch of interesting articles for you including a craftivism project, another XStitcher of Instagram and the history of emojis!

This issue has charts in two formats – Colour Blocks & Symbols and Symbols only – to make it easier for you to follow them, and because it’s an interactive PDF you can click between sections in the mag, and click on links to the designers and to our collaborative YouTube playlist!

You might have thought that XStitch Magazine was too cool for cute, but we love cross stitch in all its forms, and this issue is packed with joy so don’t delay, get your copy today!

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