XStitchAlong 005 – Morning Walk

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XSAL005 - Morning Walk

Welcome to Morning Walk, a nine-part Mystery XStitchAlong!

It’s a embroidery journey that will explore the benefits of nature and the pleasure to be found in the great outdoors.
For nine months you’ll take a voyage of discovery as the design reveals itself.

Our XStitchAlongs challenge the norm for sequential cross stitch projects, and this one is no different. But trust us, because we love you as much as we love cross stitch, so this will be a worthwhile venture.


Each part is an interactive PDF that comes with four charts to provide the most convenience for your stitching pleasure:

  • The entire pattern at that stage in Colour Blocks & Symbols
  • The entire pattern at that stage in Symbols Only
  • That part in Colour Blocks & Symbols
  • That part in Symbols Only

We only use letters and numbers as our symbols.
You will also get the entire floss list as well as just the flosses for that part.

You may need Adobe Reader to open the PDF files. If you don’t have it you can download it for free here.


The pattern is 202 stitches wide and 202 stitches long.

  • On 14ct aida that is 14.5 inches or 36.9 cm square.
  • On 16ct aida, it is 12.7 inches or 32.3cm square.
  • On 18ct aida it is 11.3 inches or 28.8cm square.


Morning Walk is a chart-only XSAL, not a complete kit.

However, you can get your threads in a convenient bundle from Maydel by clicking the legend in the floss list and you can join your fellow walkers in our dedicated XStitchAlong Facebook group.

Some of our previous XSAL members have grouped together on threads, which can be a smart move!

You can stitch it on whatever colour of fabric you like.

Walker’s Wisdom

Remember, it’s not about the destination (although the finished piece is really great piece of pixel art) it’s about the journey. Also, this is a walk, not a race, so you can stitch it at your own pace.


Part One will be in your account on 1st January and each part will arrive with you on the first of the month thereafter.

Each month, an update email will be sent to the email address you give when you order. There will also be a link to download the files directly from your account. 

You will only pay the sign-up fee, and the downloads will remain in your account for as long as you need them.

Thank you for coming on a morning walk with us.
It is going to be wonderful!

£0.00 now, and £0.00 on the 1st of each month and a £35.00 sign-up fee

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