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Dino Pros is PXLCRS: “I have a great passion for everything automotive and for graphic design, so naturally I am happiest when given the opportunity to combine the two. I make one-off personalized #pixelart illustrations & keychains. Made to order”

Click on the image below to buy the magazine with that design!

PXLCRS - Corvette
Corvette from Issue 12: Noir
PXLCRS - Charger
Charger from Issue 15: The 70s
PXLCRS - Vespa
Vespa from Issue 18: Mixtape Vol. 4
PXLCars - Aventador
Aventador from Issue 13: Fortune
PXLCRS - Beetle Drive from Issue 16: Cute!
Beetle Drive from Issue 16: Cute!
PXLCRS - Curious Camper
Curious Camper from Issue 20: Mystery
PXLCRS - Gullwing from Issue 14
Gullwing from Issue 14
PXLCRS - Get Your Motorhome Running
Get Your Motorhome Running from Issue 17: Adventure