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PyroDogPins is Emily Morris, who started cross stitching at a young age but ended up abandoning it for a while due to teenage distractions, university and then roller skates. She picked up a needle again in 2012 whilst in search of a present for a horror movie loving friend as in the absence of very specific Evil Dead cross stitch pattern she decided to create her own. From there she has created many patterns based around her love of cult movies, Twin Peaks and gothic writers.

PyroDogPins is in these issues. Click on the covers to find out more.

Issue 25 - Black

Black Cross Stitch | XStitch Issue 25

Issue 19 - Yay!

Happy Cross Stitch | XStitch Issue 19

Issue 17 Cover

Adventure Cross Stitch | XStitch Issue 17

XStitch Magazine Issue 12 - Noir

Noir Cross Stitch | XStitch Issue 12

XStitch Magazine Issue 6 - Mixtape Volume 1

Modern Cross Stitch | XStitch Issue 6

XStitch Magazine Issue 5 - Heroes & Villains

Hero Cross Stitch | XStitch Issue 5

Best Cross Stitch | XStitch Greatest Hits Vol. 1

Best Cross Stitch Designs | XStitch Greatest Hits Vol. 1