Location: Russia
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SmartCrossStitch cross stitch patterns are designed by two friends Barbara & Olga who decided to enjoy their hobby in full.

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SmartCrossStitch - Space Minies
SmartCrossStitch – Space Minies from Issue 3: Space
SmartCrossStitch - Being Koi
SmartCrossStitch – Being Koi from Issue 9: Orient
SmartCrossStitch - Palmistry
SmartCrossStitch – Palmistry from Issue 13: Fortune
SmartCrossStitch - Music Makes Your Mind Grow
SmartCrossStitch – Music Makes Your Mind Grow from Issue 6: Mixtape Vol. 1
Smart CrossStitch - Tree Mandala
SmartCrossStitch – Tree Mandala from Issue 11: Namaste
SmartCrossStitch - Munchies for Love
SmartCrossStitch – Munchies for Love from Issue 8: Munchies
SmartCrossStitch - Setting The Scene
SmartCrossStitch – Setting The Scene from Issue 12: Noir