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Stitchsperation is Charlie Mankin, a cross stitch designer based in Somerset, UK with her husband and two fat cats. She has always been crafty but only started cross stitch about 5 years ago.

With the launch of Stitchsperation in 2016 she combined her love of bright colours, modern design and typography. Her cross stitch kits are vibrant and feature inspirational quotes stitched onto brightly coloured, hand-painted fabric.

You can find out more about Stitchsperation in her Designer Discourse in Issue 18: Mixtape Vol. 4!

Click on the image below to buy the magazine with that design!

Stitchsperation - Punch Today In The Face
Stitchsperation – Punch Today In The Face from Issue 5: Heroes & Villains
Stitchsperation - Follow The Call
Stitchsperation – Follow The Call from Issue 15: The 70s
Stitchsperation - Yay!
Stitchsperation – Yay! from Issue 19: Yay!
Stitchsperation - Live What You Love
Stitchsperation – Live What You Love from Issue 7: Love
Stitchsperation - Let's Get Lost
Stitchsperation – Let’s Get Lost from Issue 17: Adventure
Stitchsperation - Fortune Favours
Stitchsperation – Fortune Favours from Issue 13: Fortune
Stitchsperation - Don't Hate The Player
Stitchsperation – Don’t Hate The Player from Issue 18: Mixtape Vol. 4