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As well as great designs to stitch, you’ll enjoy reading our great articles on interesting snippets of art, cross stitch history, craft, book and tool reviews, and because the magazine is digital, it’s interactive with links to our designers’ social pages, as well as the collaborative playlist that accompanies each issue.

We have over 60 designers and artists from more than 15 countries in the XStitch family, making us the most diverse cross stitch magazine in the world, and we will continue to seek new designers from the worlds of cross stitch and pixel art to give you even more stitching inspiration!

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If you’ve made it this far, and you’ve still not committed, I’ll just leave this list of the cross stitch designers, textile artists and pixel artists we’ve had in the magazine, so that you’ll see we’re the magazine that everyone is choosing to work with – a true sign of quality! Sign up now and you’ll be stitching designs by these talented folks in no time!

8pxl | Across The Stitch | Ann’s Orchard | Apple Tree Cross Stitch | Ardith Design | Aubrey Longley-Cook | Baameow
Bobo Stitch | Cherry Parker | Christabel Seneque | Climbing Goat Designs | DemonMonkeyCraft | Doodlecraft Design
Durene Jones | Ellen Schinderman | Emily Peacock | Emma Congdon | Everbee Design | Faby Reilly
Fairy Wool In The Wood | FiddlesticksAU | Flanders Tapestry Collection | Floss & Mischief | Hannah Bass
Jacquelyn Royal | Jane Greenoff | Jenny Henry Designs | Karen Seelig | Kate Blandford | Kate Spiridonova | Keith Clark Leah Emery | LittleStitchTX | Lord Libidan | Lucie Heaton Cross Stitch | Lucy Beam | Maria Diaz Designs | Marina Bolmini
Mathysphere | Melarise | Mr X Stitch| Mr.Valenberg | Niki McDonald | OtterlyInXStitches | Peacock & Fig
PixlStitch | POMPOM Design | PXLCRS | PyroDogPins | Ringcat | Romy’s Creations | Sew Mod Stitches
Smart Cross Stitch | Stitchfinity | StitchingLand | Stitchsperation | Sweet Annet | The Hawthorn Tree | The Makers’ Marks
The Witchy Stitcher | Tina Francis Tapestry | Tiny Modernist | Todo Asano | Tom Katsumi | WorksbyABC | Zoe Gilbertson