Super Subscriber Smash Hit Combo Pack!


The Super Subscriber Smash Hit Combo is the single best deal for a cross stitch print magazine you’ll ever see. Five pieces of textile history for only £35. Truly amazing.

The Motherload Combo Pack

The First Five Print Issues of XStitch for only £7 each!

There are five print issues of XStitch available, and The Super Subscriber Smash Hits is the ultimate bundle of all five in one hit – at an amazing price only available to subscribers of the magazine!

These were the first issues of XStitch and they set a new standard in cross stitch magazine design. What’s more, they are limited editions and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

If you’re a cross stitch fanatic, then this is a must-have part of your cross stitch collection.

Or, you’ve got a friend who loves cross stitch, and you want to keep them quiet for the next twelve months, then this is an ideal gift!

Grab your pieces of cross stitch history while stocks last!

The Motherload Combo Pack

All five issues – Revolution, Beats, Space, Green and Heroes & Villains – will be sent out and thanks to our weight-based postage, it won’t cost the earth to travel around the earth!

Each issue normally retails at £10 and even our best combo pack for non-subscribers – the Motherload – isn’t as cheap as this.

But you’re a subscriber and we love you and want you to own a piece of cross stitch history.

So don’t delay – get your SSSH while stocks last!

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