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Raised in a very crafty family in the Midlands, before moving to Tokyo after university and then finally settling in London, Tom Katsumi started cross stitching / embroidery as a result of live-stitching the results of the 2015 UK General Election.

Amongst other things, he likes to sew the films of his childhood, some political satire, interesting snippets from history and (to relax) the occasional manga.

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Tom Katsumi - Sewtrope
Sewtrope from Issue 1: Revolution
Tom Katsumi - Henrietta Lacks
Henrietta Lacks from Issue 6: Mixtape 001
Tom Katsumi - Mystery Wall
Mystery Wall from Issue 12: Noir
Tom Katsumi - Space Calendar
Space Calendar from Issue 3: Space
Tom Katsumi - LGBT Slogan Badges
LGBT Slogan Badges from Issue 7: Love
Tom Katsumi - Life On Mars CMYK
Life On Mars CMYK from Issue 15: The 70s
Tom Katsumi - Bayard Rustin
Bayard Rustin from Issue 5: Heroes & Villains
Tom Katsumi - RGBombshell
RGBombshell from Issue 10: Mixtape Vol. 2
Tom Katsumi - You Gotta Roll With It
Tom Katsumi – You Gotta Roll With It from Issue 17: Adventure