Duodecad Special Edition

Duodecad Special Edition

12 designers. 12 patterns. Only 12 colours to choose from.

The Duodecad challenge forced the creativity of some of your favourite designers. Get your copy today to see how their responses.

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The challenge was simple. 12 colours. No more. 12 designers rose to the occasion and the Duodecad was born. This Special Edition contains the charts for the patterns, as well as mini interviews with the designers to explore their creative responses to the challenge they faced.  
  • Cinnabar Canary – Ostentatious Muster
  • Climbing Goat Designs – Flutter Bys
  • FiddlesticksAU – It’s Only Natural
  • Kate Spiridonova – Hoop There It Is
  • Lord Libidan – Daruma Dolls
  • Lucie Heaton – Long Live The King
  • Maria Diaz – Make Do & Mend
  • Melarise – Tout Va Bien
  • Mr X Stitch – Love All The People
  • Peacock & Fig – Good Day
  • Stitchsperation – Rise Up
  • Sweet Annet – Mixtape Magic
  • Mini interviews with each designer.
  • Technique Pages
  • Charts in two formats for ease of use
  • Interactive links to our designers

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