2020 Visions Special Edition

2020 Visions

2020 Visions is the first XStitch Special Edition, with 13 original cross stitch patterns from an international collection of designers.

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2020 Visions

Welcome to 2020 Visions, our special edition collection of designs remixed from our 2020 Calendar.

The XStitch 2020 Calendar was a phenomenal Kickstarter success but if you missed it, you really missed out, as it contained 13 original cross stitch designs from some of our favourite designers.

Good news! 2020 Visions is your chance to get these designs and enjoy stitching them, no matter what the date is! There’s no specific theme for these designs; we invited our creative compatriots to come up with whatever they liked, and we got some great results.

As you can see, there’s an eclectic selection and a wide ranges of styles, so there’s bound to be a few ideas in there that you’ll love to stitch! When we’ve got Maria Diaz, Peacock & Fig, Floss & Mischief and Stitchsperation in the mix, you know it’s going to be good!

You can also get 2020 Visions in digital format, for immediate download as an interactive PDF. And if you decide to go fully digital with us, there are many more issues to enjoy including our legendary Mixtape issues which have no theme, just kickass cross stitch designs!

And don’t forget our collaborative YouTube playlist, chosen by the magazine contributors –  an eclectic aural accompaniment to your space stitching!

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And don’t forget you can find us on Facebook and Instagram, and we love to hear what you’ve been stitching so stay in touch! Thanks for getting this far and for having the vision to get your hands on this eclectic collection!- you’ll love it!!