Mr X Stitch Contemporary Needlework Prize Entry



Are you an embroiderer with a tale to tell? Are you a textile artist who wants to celebrate your creations?

It is great to share your work with people you know, but if you love what you do, maybe it’s time you got the recognition you deserve by becoming an award winning artist!

Welcome to the MrXStitch Contemporary Needlework Prize, a juried competition that gives you the opportunity to submit your best work and win international acclaim (and money!).

The process is simple and is outlined below.

There’s no need to keep your work to yourself, enter the Prize today, and show us what a fantastic artist you are!

To enter:

  • Purchase your entry ticket here for only £20.
  • Please do not buy your entry as a Guest – please create an account so we can send you the entry emails.
  • After purchasing, you will receive an email explaining how to submit your work, as well as a unique Google Drive folder to upload the art to.
  • Submit up to three hi-resolution images of your work as well as an artist statement.

You have until 31st August to submit your work, and judging will take place in September.

The winners will be announced in October.

You can find more information about the Prize at Mr X Stitch, including our FAQs section.