Are You Still Cross Stitch Crazy?

At XStitch Magazine we love sharing great cross stitch patterns from popular designers and if you’ve never seen our issues, we thought we’d take some time to show you what we get up to. We’ve got a fantastic offer for you at the end of the post, so be sure to stick with us!

If you were a fan of Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine and the types of cross stitch patterns it featured, XStitch Magazine could be your new favourite! Among the designers who regularly contribute to our themed issues are Maria Diaz, Lucie Heaton, Dana “Peacock & Fig” Batho and Emma Congdon.

We have a varied range of themes in which we encourage designers to express their creativity in new and exciting ways. Many of our favourite designers enjoy the freedom to explore unusual themes with their cross stitch styles, and we have had some really dramatic results from people whose work you’ll be familiar with!

Maria Diaz - Crewel Tattoo
Maria Diaz – Crewel Tattoo from our Revolution issue

Because we are an independent magazine, we have the freedom to connect with new talent who might not make it to the mainstream. We support new designers in meeting the standards we like with design, so that they can express their creativity for your stitching pleasure!

Mathysphere's Beats on the Bus design from Issue 2
Mathysphere – Beats on the Bus – from our Beats Issue

Equally we have no boundaries in our search for new talent and in our first twelve issues we have shared cross stitch from designers in eleven countries, including Spain, Russia, Canada, Australia and Italy!

We love how eclectic the world of cross stitch can be and our international friends have created some terrific patterns with their own fantastic flavours.

SmartCrossStitch's Tree Of Life Design from Issue 11
SmartCrossStitch – Tree Of Life from our Namaste issue!

XStitch Magazine is still relatively new to the cross stitch scene, but we are leading the way in bringing you fresh, fun patterns that you will enjoy stitching. Each issue has at least twelve designs and we’ve worked with over 40 different designers already! If you are cross stitch crazy, we are here to keep you itching for some stitching!

Tiny Modernist's Ball Chair design from Issue 3
Tiny Modernist‘s Ball Chair design from our Space Issue!

As well as giving you plenty to stitch, we feature interviews with artists who use cross stitch as their medium, and we have thoughtful articles, book reviews, tool reviews and much more!

We have techniques and tips that will help you improve your stitching, and if you need more inspiration, each digital issue has a collaborative YouTube playlist so you can listen to songs chosen by our designers while you stitch!

Ringcat's Toucan Of My Affection from our second Mixtape Issue!
Ringcat’s Toucan Of My Affection from our second Mixtape Issue!

You can subscribe to us for only £4 a quarter, and we have four issues a year – three themed issues and one Mixtape issue, which has no theme, just cool designs!

Our interactive digital issues are in PDF format so you can download them and use them on your phone or tablet with ease!

Lucie Heaton - Space Hopper
Lucie Heaton – Hop To It from Issue 15: The 70s

There’s no need to miss out on exciting cross stitch as XStitch is here for you! Let us be your new favourite cross stitch magazine!

You can subscribe right away or if you’d like to try our issues before you subscribe, visit our back issues page and you can choose two issues for only £10!

Simply enter the code STILLCRAZY at the checkout!

FiddlesticksAU - A Truth Universally Acknowledged - from our Love issue!
FiddlesticksAU – A Truth Universally Acknowledged – from our Love issue!

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