Issue 18 - Mixtape Vol. 4

Issue 18 – Mixtape Vol. 4


Are you the sort of stitcher who likes to try something new?

You know how you don’t know you’re going to like something until you see it?

Welcome to Mixtape Vol. 4 – another legendary collection of modern designs from around the world.

  • Army of Trolls – Space Invaders
  • Cinnabar Canary – Indian Summer
  • Climbing Goat Designs – Penguin Posse
  • DemonMonkeyCraft – Biskullnu
  • Fuzzy Fox Designs – Yurlunggur
  • Karen Seelig – Faces of Hope
  • Kate Spiridonova – Love & Let Die
  • LittleStitchTX – Big Inky Bastard
  • Lord Libidan – Kitsune Ink Print
  • Marina Bolmini – Anarchy Calling
  • MiloMiniByXenia – Running In The Family
  • Niki McDonald – Love Song
  • Peacock & Fig – Get Bent
  • PXLCRS – Bellissimo Cicilomotore
  • Stitchsperation – Don’t Hate The Player
  • Sweet Annet – Typewriter
  • Karen Seelig – Think Outside The Hoop
  • R/CrossStitch – the Reddit Subforum
  • Designer Discourse: Stitchsperation
  • Book Review: Super Subversive Cross Stitch by Julie Jackson
  • The Libidan Lecture
  • Let Lucie Let Loose
  • Tooled Up
  • XStitchers of Instagram: StitchTits
  • XStitcher of the Month: Ashley Neitz
  • Technique Pages
  • Gallery
  • Charts in two formats for ease of use
  • Interactive links to our designers
  • Collaborative YouTube playlist

Where will I find my downloads?

Your account will have a download section, so please make sure to set up an account.

What format is the magazine?

XStitch is an interactive PDF magazine which can be read using most devices. It contains clickable links to our designers, some of which are affiliate links, as well as links to our collaborative YouTube playlist and other helpful content.

I have a different question.

If you need answers to other questions, please visit our FAQ page.

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