Issue 11 – Namaste

Get 15 eclectic cross stitch designs from an international cast of talent! It’s the Namaste edition of XStitch Magazine!



The eleventh issue of the world’s best cross stitch magazine is our Namaste edition!

The cover of Issue 11 - Namaste

Think healing, well being, mindfulness – that kind of vibe. We love the meditative mindful process of stitching and, well, in this issue we’ve got loads of ways for you to touch that inner peace!

Stitchfinity - Chakras

Thanks to the seven chakra designs of Stitchfinity, we take you on a journey through the energy centres as we move up the vibrational frequencies!

SmartCrossStitch's Tree Of Life Design from Issue 11
SmartCrossStitch – Tree Of Life

Our cover star for the issue is this trippy Tree of Love by SmartCrossStitch and it sets the tone for an eclectic collection that celebrates all aspects of the journey to inner peace.

Peacock & Fig's Namaste The Hell Away From Me Design from Issue 11
Peacock & Fig – Namaste The Hell Away From Me


Love comes in many forms and persuasions and in this issue we have gathered some of our brightest stars to bring you messages of hope and affection. Whether it’s Peacock & Fig above, or Kate Blandford below!

Kate Blandford's Be Excellent To Each Other Design from Issue 11
Kate Blandford – Be Excellent To Each Other

We’ve got product reviews and articles including a remarkable interview with Stephen Russell, aka The Barefoot Doctor!

Mr X Stitch - Calm The Hell Down design from Issue 11
Mr X Stitch – Calm The Hell Down design from Issue 11

It’s the ideal issue for the peace loving stitcher which is, let’s face it, all of us thanks to that magical mindfulness!

Doodlecraft Design's Respectful Greetings Design from Issue 11
Doodlecraft Design – Respectful Greetings

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