You chose Squirrel Girl!

You’re feisty, but friendly. Cunning, but caring. Your love of life is a constant source of joy for those who know you. And you can kick ass!

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Issue 16 - Cute!

Our Cute issue is designed to put a smile on your face. We’ve got all kinds of charming patterns that are perfect gifts for your loved ones!

Issue 7 - The Love Issue

If you love cross stitch as much as we do, then this issue has to be part of your stash! 15 designs that look at love in all its forms – time to start romancing the stitch!

XStitch Issue 6
Mixtape 001
XStitch Magazine Issue 10 - Mixtape Vol. 2
Mixtape Vol. 2
Issue 14 - Mixtape Vol. 3
Mixtape Vol. 3
Issue 18 - Mixtape Vol. 4
Mixtape Vol. 4

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have no fear for we have loads of amazing back issues
and an amazing roster of design talent in the mix!
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