XStitch Magazine Issue 5 - Heroes & Villains

Hero Cross Stitch | XStitch Issue 5

Unleash your stitching superpowers with XStitch Issue 5 – Hero Cross Stitch meets Villainous designs in a double-fronted magazine!

Are you the crafting hero in your world? Or do you dwell on the dark side?

Whichever side you prefer, we’ve got modern cross stitch patterns from an international collection of XStitch designers that you will love to stitch!

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We want to be your cross stitch heroes, but you can’t have light without shade, so this issue also celebrates villainy.

Which side will you choose?

Don’t forget that you can get this issue in limited edition print format – the only double-fronted cross stitch magazine ever!

At XStitch, we work with more talented designers than any other magazine to give you the best variety in modern cross stitch.

We want you to enjoy stitching, and be proud to share your crafting skills with the world.

The conflict between good and evil happens here:

And if you need a break from the action, read these:

  • Artist Profile: Tanja Boukal
  • Stitching Hero: Sonia Lyne
  • Laurie Coffin: Unpicking The Pirates
  • Book Review: Evil Dead 2: Book Of The Thread by Rebecca Martz-Burley
  • The Libidan Lecture
  • Tooled Up
  • Technique Pages
  • Gallery
  • Interactive links to our designers
  • Collaborative YouTube playlist

Quick shout-out to our advertisers, who we have picked because we think you’ll appreciate them.

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What format is the magazine?

XStitch is an interactive PDF magazine which can be read using most devices. It contains clickable links to our designers, some of which are affiliate links, as well as links to our collaborative YouTube playlist and other helpful content.

Each chart is offered in two formats – Symbols and Colour Blocks, and Symbols Only – so that you can use the one that works best for you.

Our charts use letters and numbers, rather than symbols, so you can follow them with ease. You can print out pages to follow if you like!

The legend for each pattern tells you the size, how many threads, and a fabric suggestion.

When you buy our digital issues, you will get two versions of the magazine:

  • One with double page spreads for the best reading experience.
  • One with single page spreads that can be used with the Pattern Keeper app. 

Where will I find my downloads?

Your account will have a download section, so please make sure to set up an account.

I have a different question.

If you need answers to other questions, please visit our FAQ page.

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