XStitch Magazine Issue 1 - Revolution

Issue 1 – Revolution – Print Edition



Welcome to the XStitch Revolution – it’s our first issue and the theme is REVOLUTION!

With 20 original designs from some of your favourite cross stitch heroes, all of whom are responding to the theme of REVOLUTION, there’s guaranteed to be something you’ll love to stitch!

Emily Peacock - It All Begins Here

Emily Peacock opens our show with this Las Vegas-inspired design that looks super snazzy on black! Do you have a High Roller that deserves this on their wall?

There are plenty of reasons for you to want to fight the power these days, and Kate Blandford‘s quick and easy design allows you to protest on the down low – where will you put yours?

Kate Blandford's Fight The Power design from issue 1
Jenny Henry - Revolution

Our first tapestry design comes courtesy of Jenny Henry, whose revolutionary pattern could be adapted to suit your colour scheme. Stitch it as tent stitch or cross stitch, whatever takes your fancy!

We are thrilled to have Maria Diaz as part of the XStitch family and her first design, called Crewel Tattoo, is an iconic image of solidarity, packed with detail and style. It’ll be a real pleasure to stitch!

Maria Diaz - Crewel Tattoo
PomPom Designs - Pink Wedge from Issue 1

If you want some abstract wall art, this revolutionary pattern by POMPOM Design might fit the bill. Inspired by art that was itself inspired by the Russian Revolution, this is subversive stitch at its most stylish!

Tom Katsumi brings animation to our premier issue with his Sewtrope, which includes a template for you to create your own spinning sensation!

Tom Katsumi - Sewtrope
Otterly In XStitches - Pussy Grabs Back from Issue 1

As we try to forget about the Trump era of presidency, Otterly In XStitches‘ design is a powerful reminder of the popular uprising that took place.

Stand strong with your fellow females, or indeed felines, with this meaningful piece!

Tina Francis is one of the UK’s best known tapestry designers, and in this issue, she inspires you to make good use of your spare threads by making these circular designs on plastic canvas!

Tina Francis - Revolution
Jane Greenoff's - Plus Ca Change from Issue 1

XStitch has an open door policy to designers from around the world, and we are thrilled to have cross stitch icon Jane Greenoff as part of our first issue.

If you want something soothing to stitch, this elegant design is a great choice!

Ellen Schinderman packs a punch with her design, inspired by Pussy Riot’s struggles. If this resonates with you, why not stitch this as a craftivism tool and place it somewhere public as a statement of solidarity?

Ellen Schinderman's Pussy Riot Putin design for issue 1
Jacquelyn Royal - Detroit

Jacquelyn Royal‘s artistic approach is to immortalise those hidden moments of street art that might go otherwise unnoticed – the modern artistic revolution, you could say.

Her Detroit design is yours to recreate!

Our cover star for our first issue is Ann’s Orchard, whose Op Art inspired Final Twist design is an arresting illusion.

Enjoy the rhythm of stitching it, but be sure to take a break from time to time, in case you get lost in the vortex!

Final Twist by Ann's Orchard
Keith Clark - Gil Scott Heron

Gil Scott Heron said the Revolution Will Not Be Televised and unfortunately that remains true to this day. Although he died in 2011, his words and song still strike a chord.

Celebrate this iconic beat poet songwriter by stitching his portrait, which has been designed with honour by Keith Clark.

Are you feeling stressed or need a simply route to relaxation?

Tap into immediate mindfulness with this mandala design from Floss & Mischief. It’s not difficult, but it takes focus; it slows you down and will unlock inner peace.

And if peace is your way, why not try our Namaste issue?

Floss & Mischief - Mindfulness Mandala
8 Bit Stitch - Respect Existence

8 Bit Stitch delivers a powerful challenge to modern prejudice with this technicolour phrase. Lots of colours, lots of energy!

The design skills of PyroDogPins are unleashed in this magnificent design that honours some of the most influential women of the past two centuries.

It’s a powerful piece that serves as an important history lesson.

PyroDogPins - A Woman's Place
Lord Libidan's Saturn V Blueprint design for Issue 1

For the wannabe astronaut or science geek in your life, this Saturn V blueprint design by Lord Libidan is the perfect design.

Why not stitch it in colours that match their bedroom, er, science lab!

Sometimes to start a revolution, the change has to come from within.

This thoughtful design by Bobo Stitch uses glow in the dark thread to hide a secret message that will inspire you to greater heights!

Bobo Stitch's Be The Change design for Issue 1
Niki McDonald - Tangerine Dream

Niki “Tapestry Girl” McDonald has a strong urban art aesthetic and her design for this issue – Tangerine Dream – will look fantastic hanging on the wall of your art space!

And finally Mr X Stitch offers some stoic wisdom that will make you happy when times are sad, but also sad when times are happy.

Why not stitch it and put it somewhere that you turn to for inspiration?

Mr X Stitch's This Too Shall Pass design for Issue 1

Issue 1 has 100 pages and is a limited edition run. There will be no second printing so get this exclusive first edition game changing cross stitch magazine while stocks last!

As well as the designs, there are thought provoking articles from Spike Dennis and Betsy “Craftivism” Greer and an interview with Theo “Crapestry” Humphries! We’ve also got some tasty products reviewed by Grace from Beyond Measure, advice from Mary at FY Needlework, and also tips and techniques to help you improve your stitching!

Issue 1 also has a collaborative YouTube playlist for you to enjoy, with contributions from each designer! What more could you want?!


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