Issue 12 – Noir

Welcome to the Noir Issue of XStitch – a tale of murder and mystery told across fifteen cross stitch patterns. Will you work out whodunnit?



Issue 12 - Noir Welcome to Issue 12 of XStitch Magazine: Noir!

Maria Diaz - Femme Fatale
Maria Diaz – Femme Fatale

This issue is a tale of murder and mystery featuring fifteen designs that are inspired by the Noir genre.

Floss & Mischief - Obey Your Cat
Floss & Mischief – Obey Your Cat

We like to keep things eclectic, so we have a great mix of styles including some nostalgic notes from Floss & Mischief and Kate Blandford. But as you can tell, our old school flavours are still spicier than the average!

Kate Blandford - Into The Void
Kate Blandford – Into The Void

We welcome PXLCRS to the XStitch family – he’s a pixel artist with a penchant for making magnificent motor vehicles, and for our Noir issue he’s created a classic Corvette!

PXLCRS - 59 Corvette
PXLCRS – 59 Corvette


We’ve got an amazing artist profile of Rita Sada and, in what might be a first for a cross stitch magazine, we’ve got a ten page crime comic! There are so many good things in this issue, and we’d love to show them here, but I’m afraid you’ll just have to buy the issue and unravel the mystery yourself!

Tom Katsumi - Mystery Wall
Tom Katsumi – Mystery Wall


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