Issue 3 – Space – Cross Stitch Magazine Print Edition

Buy Issue 3 of the limited edition XStitch Magazine and enjoy stitching 15 Space Cross Stitch patterns from your favourite design superstars including Lucie Heaton, Floss & Mischief, Peacock & Fig, Mr X Stitch and many more! It’s arguably the Universe’s best cross stitch magazine! To Embroidery And Beyond!


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Issue 3 of XStitch Magazine goes interstellar with a galaxy of goodies in our Space Cross Stitch edition!

Climbing Goat Designs' Earthrise design from Issue 3
Climbing Goat Designs’ – Earthrise

We’ve got fifteen patterns from our international cohort of designers, some of whom you’ll be familiar with, such as Bobo Stitch, whose Reach for the Stars pattern uses not one, but two hoops!

BoboStitch's Reach for the Stars design from Issue 3
Bobo Stitch – Reach For The Stars

We are on a mission to boldly go where no cross stitch mag has ever gone before, and we pride ourselves on the diverse collection of designers that we work with. In this issue, it’s our first time working with SmartCrossStitch, all the way from Russia (with love!), with BaaMeow Designs and with the totally marvellous Tiny Modernist, whose Ball Chair pattern is a design classic on so many levels!

Tiny Modernist's Ball Chair design from Issue 3
Tiny Modernist – Ball Chair

Now Space Cross Stitch doesn’t just mean outer space, but can refer to urban spaces, or architecture, or meditation – we like a theme that’s nice and broad. There’s a graffiti inspired design by Mr X Stitch and an interview with ZEDZ, the Dutch artist whose work inspired the pattern!

Mr X Stitch's Zeds design from Issue 3
Mr X Stitch – ZEDZ

We like to inform our readers as well as give you something nice to stitch and Keith Clark‘s design pays homage to one of the true pioneers of space exploration – Laika the Space Dog!

Keith Clark's Laika design from Issue 3
Keith Clark – Laika

If that wasn’t enough astronaut goodness for you, we’ve got a great interview by Erich Campbell with A-B Emblem, the company who make the patches for NASA Spacesuits!

Lord Libidan's Patch of Space design from Issue 3
Lord Libidan – A Patch of Space

This issue features the first Libidan Lecture in which our favourite needlework nobleman, Lord Libidan, shares his thoughts on topics relating to the magazine theme. Find out about art in space and then stitch up his Patch of Space whydontcha? If you’re new to stitching, we hope this issue will help your passion take off…

Mathysphere's Silver Needle design from Issue 3
Mathysphere – Silver Needle

… a bit like Mathysphere’s Silver Needle design! See what we did there?

While we primarily focus on cross stitch, we love to have designs that will broaden your skill set, or test your talents, and Lucie Heaton‘s Blackwork Moon Phases is a perfect example. Why not stitch this one in glow in the dark thread for extra effect!

Lucie Heaton's Blackwork Moon Phases design from Issue 3
Lucie Heaton – Blackwork Moon Phases

If you struggle to understand the difference between astronomy and astrology, Peacock & Fig has got you covered with this sassy stitchery! Because y’know, we like to take things seriously, but not too seriously!

Peacock & Fig's Astrology design from Issue 3
Peacock & Fig – Astrology

It’s such a pleasure to work with needlework artists as well as designers (you can argue the difference between those phrases at another time) and when we get submissions from people like Jacquelyn Royal it’s always interesting. Her Behold Klaatu design is based on urban graffiti found in Detroit and, as with all of Jacquelyn’s pieces, by taking the time to stitch it, you reconnect with the process and intention of the original artist. Gotta love that stuff!

Pixlstitch's Star Gaze design from Issue 3
Pixlstitch – Star Gaze

We love curating content that will appeal to a wide range of stitchers and we hope that you find something that takes your fancy! If you do finish any of the pieces be sure to let us know using #xstitchmag on social media so we can share them in future issues!

BaaMeow's Stardust design from Issue 3
BaaMeow – Stardust

Of course there’s nothing wrong with WIPs (Works in Progress) and this design from Tom Katsumi is designed to take you 164 years to complete – so we’ll cut you some slack on that one!

And don’t forget our collaborative YouTube playlist, chosen by the magazine contributors –  an eclectic aural accompaniment to your space stitching!

Tom Katsumi's Space Calendar design from Issue 3
Tom Katsumi – Space Calendar

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Smart Cross Stitch's Space Minies design from Issue 3
Smart Cross Stitch – Micro Mission

You can also get Issue 3 in digital format, for immediate download as an interactive PDF. And if you decide to go fully digital with us, there are many more issues to enjoy including our legendary Mixtape issues which have no theme, just kickass cross stitch designs!

Floss & Mischief's Do Good design from Issue 3
Floss & Mischief – Do Good

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To embroidery and beyond!

Space Cross Stitch and so much more
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